Our Story

Challenging Montreal's fast food industry and serving you culture and taste is MrTanTuni's mission!

Most fast foods you know are generally quick but dangerous for your body. All of our ingredients are sourced from natural organic environments on farms. We ensure that all ingredients we choose when preparing your meal are freshly picked and seasoned to perfection so that you can enjoy food that is swiftly made, tasty, scrumptious and mouth watery.


Specializing in Anatolia (the delicacy universe of the Kurds and Turks) meals is the heart and soul of MrTanTuni’s vision.

We want to serve you the culture in which we were inspired. The food we make is energizing with love, taste and health, the top three metaphorical ingredients needed to create a perfect dish. We are located in Downtown Montreal, a convenient spot not too far from your office to give your mind a break from all that stress and let your body rest with soulful food. Our specialization & main ingredient is Bulgur Wheat which is the healthiest type of wheat/grain compared to the other types of rice and grains we are familiar with, such as; white rice and more!

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TanTuni is a popular franchise all over Europe and the Middle East. We are the first MrTanTuni in Canada, and we plan to expand and shake the industry with fine and fast elevated food cuisine.