MrTanTuni's Soul Is Inspired From Mesopotamia's Refined Diet

MrTanTuni’s soul’s main ingredient prominently used in most of our dishes is the ancient Bulgur rice from Mesopotamia. Bulgur rice has existed for more than three thousand years.

“In ancient Mesopotamia, a person’s place in the social classes determined how much and what they ate. Typically only the wealthy ate at least three meals a day, while normal people tended to eat only two. Because of the great farmers, fruits and vegetables were very common and available to most.”

Our Fine Ingredient

The story of how Bulgur Wheat was created was a story of a group of survivors that was banned from eating certain types of the village’s food due to the wrath of a furious King punishing a religious figure in the bible from the city of Mesopotamia. Hungry, confused and needing a way out, the villagers worked together from the natural resources around them, seeds, kernels and other natural resources, to create a type of wheat that was very nutritious, healthy and full of explosive taste. In the modern age, it’s what we would famously say, the people from that era took sour lemons and made them into delicious lemonade. They made it into rice, and here we are with a type of grain/wheat that is the healthiest compared to popular grains/kinds of wheat we currently use that are famous.

Bulgur contains the most protein, fibre, and the least amount of calories and fat and carbs than some famous grains like; Barley, Amaranth, Brown Rice, Wheat Berries, Whole Wheat Pasta and more! Our existence is two mixed cultures of elevated fast cuisine from the Mesopotamian era focused on health, fruits and vegetables. So we serve healthy fast food combinations. We also have some of the tastiest vegan options to fill a Montrealer Vegan’s heart with goodness.

We wanted to give you a sneak peek at one of our items on the menu for vegan lovers. We use vegetables to create our groundless meat lookalike. It’s a very delicious paste that looks like meat but is all veggies, seasoned nicely to give you a taste similar to meat, but it’s all healthy veggies! Yummy! Our veggie wrap is called Cigkofte.

We will be officially opening doors and launching on the 23rd of May! We hope to see you there! Stay tuned for more fun facts, information, and stories about our lovely fast cuisine that will shake the industry!


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